College of Business Projects


MSU Center for Entrepreneurship & Outreach (CEO)

Over the past several years, entrepreneurship within the MSU community has exploded. The MSU Entrepreneurship Center (E-Center) helps support over 150 students start and grow more than 50 startup companies annually. The E-Center helps to provide strategic guidance, critical resources to support new ventures, connect students across disciplines, and link those students to the community. These students get practical, hands-on experience going through the process of building a new business.

Marketing Intelligence Lab and Observatory

Our Story: The mission of the Marketing Intelligence Lab and Observatory (MILO), designed to be the world’s largest biometric research lab, is to provide a state-of-the-art behavioral research facility that helps to prepare students with the skills that will ensure their career success, aids faculty in the design and implementation of top-tier research, and supplies the business community with advanced, actionable marketing intelligence.


Each year, the Adkerson School of Accountancy hosted high school students for the Accelerating Students into the Accounting Profession (ASAP) Camp. This three-day experience provides students with the opportunity to learn about all of the career options that the accounting profession has to offer. Participants can learn the potential of the profession through a fun and dynamic educational experience.