Hail State Giving Days
Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Hail State Giving Days?

  • Hail State Giving Days is MSU’s annual online philanthropy event that encourages Bulldogs everywhere to come together and support the MSU area they are most passionate about.  Every day MSU students, faculty, staff and alumni change the world by making groundbreaking discoveries, developing innovative programs and supporting their communities.  Hail State Giving Days is another effort to publicize this good work and to encourage investment in it.

What is the timeframe for Hail State Giving Days?

  • Hail State Giving Days has a new date this year! #CelebrateHailState this year on MSU's 140th birthday by giving Mississippi State a "birthday gift!" Hail State Giving Days will officially be on Feb. 28 - March 1, 2018!


What will my participation mean?

  • Changing lives by giving
  • Inspiring others to give
  • Raising the bar for participation
  • Spreading the Hail State Giving Days message


What is our goal?

  • Our goal is 1,000 gifts during the 1,878 minute time period - respectively honoring the year MSU was founded - 1878!


Where do gifts go?

  • Choose any MSU area to support!  All gifts made during Hail State Giving Days will be counted toward the goal of 1,000 donations and will make an immediate impact!


Will my Hail State Giving Days gift be tax deductible?

  • Yes. Your gift is tax deductible. You will receive an email confirmation after making your gift online and an email receipt several business days later.


How do I decide where to give?

  • We encourage you to make a gift to one of the featured Hail State Giving projects.  Click on ‘PROJECTS’ and choose the area that matters to you most!

What can I do to help get the word out about Hail State Giving Days?

  • Post about Hail State Giving Days on your social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  Join in conversations about Hail State Giving Days by using the hashtag #CelebrateHailState and spread the excitement!


Can a donor send a gift by mail or phone?

  • Due to the short timeframe of Hail State Giving Days, only gifts by phone or online will count toward the goal. You can make a gift by phone at 662-325-1834.


Is it safe to make my gift online?

  • Yes. Our online giving site is very secure. Your personal information collected during this philanthropy event is only used by Mississippi State University.  It will not be sold or shared with any third party organizations.

Can I create a recurring gift?

  • Yes. You can make a recurring gift by visiting our giving page at msufoundation.com. Please note that only the payment processed today will count toward the Hail State Giving Days goal.