Creating New Learning Opportunities for Today’sand Tomorrow’s Scholar

About the program

In an effort to meet the changing needs of students at Mississippi State, the University Libraries is committed to enhancing and improving all services, including the Digital Media Center. The Center currently houses a state-of-the-art multimedia lab, high-end printing services, a 3D printing and scanning lab, a makerspace, collaborative study tables, and the newly opened CAVS Mixed Reality Lab.


The Digital Media Center is off to a great start, but for the MSU Libraries to be on the leading edge of changes in the academic library world and, more importantly, to provide the MSU faculty, staff, and students with the technology equipped facilities and services that will assist with teaching, learning, and research, we plan to:

  • Provide our patrons with a high definition broadcast studio that facilitates the filming/recording, editing, and producing of high quality digital video;
  • Provide our patrons with a One Button Studio (a mid-level video recording studio that can be used by students and faculty to easily record and capture video, e.g. practice presentations and speeches; create content for online courses; and more);
  • Provide our patrons with audio recording, editing, and production studios equipped with the necessary equipment to create high quality audio recordings;
  • Continue to upgrade our multimedia lab with faster, more powerful computers equipped with the latest software and technology needed in support of teaching and creating print and digital production;
  • Continue to upgrade our makerspace to offer students a variety of technologies and tools that will enhance their access to, and use of, cutting edge technologies and tools needed in many disciplines that will aid in rapid prototyping; and
  • Upgrade our spaces with flexible and easily-moveable furniture that students have more control over how they study and collaborate.

These changes and improvements have been carefully reviewed and developed based on discussions with faculty and students. Many of these projects provide strong partnership opportunities with v University colleges and departments as well as potential partnerships with outside businesses and companies. 

Having these services located in the Digital Media Center open them up to students and faculty from all departments and offers unique opportunities for collaboration between classes, departments, and colleges. By supporting this project you are supporting not just the Library, but every faculty, staff, and student affiliated with Mississippi State University.