Undergraduate Research Program

Bagley College of Engineering

Mississippi State University is one of the leading institutions for undergraduate enrollment in the SEC. As the student numbers continue to increase in the Bagley College of Engineering (BCoE), the quality of entering students also continues to increase. More and more students have expressed an interest in undergraduate research opportunities. 

Therefore, the BCoE Undergraduate Research Program was created to promote and support undergraduate research within the BCoE, its associated research centers, and across the university.  Undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program within the BCoE will have the opportunity to participate in research under the mentorship of a BCoE faculty member. The research activities may be either experimental or theoretical, laboratory or field based, but all must have a clearly stated objective/hypothesis and research aims.

This program will develop critical research and discipline specific skills and knowledge, but also develop soft skills (written and oral communication and teamwork).  Financial support of this program will provide student stipends and purchase vital laboratory supplies needed to complete the proposed research projects.